Increase Member Value and Loyalty by helping members save money on big purchases like new cars, monthly expenses like cell phones, and annual activities like filing for taxes.

Boost Auto Loans with real-time loan leads from GM, lending incentives like Credit Union Auto Club, and a GPS-based collateral management system like LoanPlus CMS.

Drive Credit/Debit Transactions with programs like Love to Shop - featuring more than 1,500 online stores, daily deals and the ability for members to customize their experience.

Earn Non-Interest Income with select programs; and these opportunities continue to grow. ADT is launching nationally and Sprint is adding a credit union member discount from Boost Mobile, one of Sprint's award-winning prepaid brands.

Love My Credit Union Rewards, formally Invest in America, was rebranded and relaunched on August 1. The new program features standardized marketing requirements and bundled marketing materials that make it easier than ever to boost auto loans, drive credit/debit card transactions and increase non-interest income.

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