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Credit Union Story Contest Winners

Brian in Michigan, Member of Kent County Credit Union

I had a vehicle financed through my credit union an then bought a new vehicle. I researched their terms but they were not long enough. I financed the new vehicle through the dealer and the credit union got the payoff check for the old loan. After that they called me and offered to refinance the new vehicle. They went out of their way to extend a longer term financing program to me and 2% lower interest rate then the dealer. It saves me about $50.00 a month and about $2,000 in interest over the life of the loan. LOVE MY CREDIT UNION for this.

Jamie in Hawaii, Member of Windward Community Federal Credit Union

Hi, my name is Jamie and I would just like to say that my credit union is awesome! Their employees are always happy to assist my family and I, whether it be over the phone or through email.

This is where my story comes in... Windward Community Federal Credit Union has made my life so easy and convenient. I am originally from Hawaii, but had to move to South Korea for 15 months. WCFCU has stuck by me through purchases made to the U.S. They have even assisted me with concerns regarding my debit card and activating it over the internet because I could not access it through my Hawaii phone line that it was originally set to on my account. I am so grateful and thankful that I am a member with them, they have truly proven that they value all their customers.  

Robyn in Texas, Member of Southwest Financial Federal Credit Union

Right from the start, the Southwest Financial Federal Credit Union impressed me with their level of concern and willingness to help me in what I deemed to be an impossible situation. My husband’s truck had been stolen and our other vehicle was in dire need of several major repairs. We were not in a financial position to make the repairs needed and every bank or dealership we turned to for a loan shot us down because our credit scores were not high enough. We became increasingly embarrassed with each request made and were starting to feel like second-rate citizens. We had made our share of mistakes in the past, but were trying hard to correct them. Nobody would give us a chance so we could stop the vicious cycle – until we talked to Southwest Financial.

I was afraid to ask, but they were our last hope to get our vehicle situation resolved. We were carpooling over 100 miles per day in a vehicle that was on its last leg. From the very first conversation to my last conversation with any one of the staff at Southwest Financial, I have been made to feel as though I am their most valuable customer. They understood my situation and assured me that I deserve the chance to rebuild my financial situation. Within two weeks of my original request, my husband and I were both driving new vehicles with very affordable payments.

But their assistance did not stop there. I had explained to them that we wanted to get our finances on track and increase our credit scores so we can buy our first home within the next year or two. One of the things we needed to boost our credit score was a credit card with several months of on-time payments, but nobody would approve us for one – until we talked to Southwest Financial. We are well on our way to rebuilding and working toward buying our home. Our credit scores have increased by 40 points in the last two months. With on-time payments over the next few months, we will be ready to bu y our home and I cannot think of a better place to work with on a home loan than the Southwest Financial Federal Credit Union.   Thank you Southwest Financial for helping customers like me who need that second chance!

Megan in Michigan, Member of Christian Financial Credit Union

Credit unions, especially mine really streamline the process. I drive up to the window, say what I want to do, verbally provide my account number and hand over my license and I'm done. No forms or extra work. In addition, I find that credit unions, especially mine are customer focused. Several years ago I wrote a check for a large purchase and then forgot to transfer the money into my checking account. The credit union seeing that I was in good standing and had the money picked up the telephone, called me and told me the check was coming through providing me an opportunity to quickly transfer funds over the phone. I never got that type of service from a traditional bank. In addition, my credit union gave me a chance to restore my credit after my divorce by not just looking at my credit scores, but at my history of payment on previous loans, such as auto. It's because of that second chance they gave me that I have such good credit today. I love my credit union, I recommend them to everyone and would never switch. 

Megan in Florida, Member of Navy Federal Credit Union

Before Navy Federal Credit Union, I had always had a bank as my financial institution. When I started working for Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) 2 years ago, I made the switch from bank to credit union. The change has been wonderful! I have peace of mind knowing that my money is with the #1 credit union in the world. Since Navy Federal is doing so well, I’m saving money with the low rates on my credit card, loan, and mortgage. The best part of working here is knowing how much NFCU cares about the members and is available 24/7 365 days a year. Navy Federal Credit Union has one of the best training departments and is able to provide excellent member service. I have enjoyed working at Navy Federal Credit Union and appreciate that they care about their employees. 

Annette in Florida, Member of CFE Federal Credit Union

CFEFCU is the best! I've been a member for 15 years and never had any problems. 

Ursula in Michigan, Member of Bestsource Credit Union

My credit union is awesome! I have had the pleasure of working since I was a Macy's employee. I had other accounts with banks, but after working with the staff at my credit union, they became the place for all of my financial needs. I have had the best experiences with Member Services and the loan department. Unlike banks or other creditors, when I applied for a loan they treated me with dignity and respect considering my financial situation and the big picture instead of just looking at my credit score. It was a very positive experience and that's why I love my Credit Union!!!

Kim in Oklahoma, Member of FAA Federal Credit Union

I love my credit union because it's the only financial institution that knows me by name and I always feel like I'm going home when I walk inside or use the drive-thru. I have tons of options when it comes to where to put my money to work or who to borrow from and I choose my credit union! 

Laurie in Vermont, Member of Vermont State Employees Credit Union

I love my credit union because it saves me money and the customer service is outstanding. I bought my first car when I had my first "real job" after college with the help of the credit union over 20 years ago. I now have two car loans and a mortgage through our local office. When my husband and I were getting married and buying a house we both wanted to use our "bank"- we decided whichever institution could provide us the best interest rate AND customer service- returning our calls, meeting with us, and we based it on how friendly the folks we met with were..needless to say- my Credit union "won" and we have been using them for all of our banking needs.

Linda in New York, Member of Empower Federal Credit Union

I first joined the Credit Union in 1971, when I worked for Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation. It was basement office at corporate headquarters, utilizing a big file cabinet and file folders, with two people overseeing its operation. As Niagara Mohawk grew, so did the Credit Union, It now has several offices throughout the state of New york, under the name of Empower Federal Credit Union. My association with the Credit Union, started with a savings account, a Christmas Club Account, and my first car loan. My membership has grown with the introduction of direct deposit, Cd's, money market account, ATM and a Visa rewards card. My husband and I were able to introduce our three sons to this financial institution, whereby they are learning the benefits of being a member of a Credit Union, I am glad to call Empower Federal Credit Union a part of my family.

Sherrie in Michigan, Member of DFCU Financial Credit Union

As an employee of Henry Ford Hospital our DFCU branch is located on the hospital campus. The staff are always so friendly and helpful that they are like an extended members of the hospital family. 

Rhonda in Michigan, Member of Washtenaw Federal Credit Union

While visiting the credit union I needed help with getting a cashier check cashed in 1992. We were about to close on our house and we need cashed write away. They were very kind and helpful and we were able to close on the mortgage that day. Kudos to the Ypsilanti Federal Credit Union which is now has a new name as Washtenaw Area Federal Credit Union. The people are always polite and willing to help with the services that they offer. I am glad to be a long standing member. 

"G.A." in Michigan, Member of Wings Financial Federal Credit Union

This is my "first ever" Credit Union that I joined when I started my job with NWA...I was so pleased with their personal service when I signed up, very professional & very customer service oriented...when I have questions, I've never encountered a bad experience..even over the phone, they take the time to listen to my questions, & have always given me the feeling that they appreciate my business & always with upbeat & positive attitude...I refer people as often as I can, because I know they can be confident with their investments, etc..their rates are very fair ..& if there is a problem with either a incorrect charge, etc, they are on it 100%..I've never been treated as well at any banking facility I've ever dealt with...the only way to go is to let Wings handle your money for you..thank you...(PS..I'm hoping they'll put in a branch in the downriver area soon, but I'm pleased to have access to ATM's throughout the area)..I always leave the facility feeling confident & respected, however small my finances are. 

Margaret in Oregon, Member of St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Pontiac Federal Credit Union

I first joined my credit union when I started working at SJMH in 1986. I was very tired of all of the nickel and diming the banks were already playing and just wanted a safe place for my money w/o the games! They were housed in the medical office building next door which made it very easy to get cash when my earnings were direct-deposited. Over the years they added phone, on-line banking, use of affiliated ATM's and the ability to withdraw cash when making a purchase using their debit card. I got a low-interest credit card and we got loans for 3 consecutive vehicles. Even when I took a job in Detroit 40 miles away and another in Macomb Co. I was able to continue using SJMHFCU for my banking and loan needs. I remember during one banner year in the "bubble" when the credit union was able to pay us a very nice dividend - something unheard of in traditional banking! I! n 2007 I had the opportunity to take a good job and relocate to Indiana. Again, all of my banking needs were filled with their various programs. That job went bust along with the economy, but unemployment was easily accessible through the credit union. When I landed my job here in Oregon the credit union again has "traveled" with me and I have found absolutely no reason to change that. Occasionally I've had to call them for help in transferring funds for money orders, but they have never failed me. They will be the first ones I contact when I buy a new/old car and if and when I purchase a new home. In the meantime I know my money is safe with them and has been of help to them and other members, as well. If anyone is hesitant about joining a credit union and leaving the greedy banks behind, stop worrying and go for it! My rates and credit card interest have not altered over the years, not even during the so-called hard times for credit agencies. If I had it to do over again I wouldn't have any of those other cards with their exorbitant fees! Let's hear it for the little guys and middle America!!!!  

Patricia in Michigan, Member of Co-op Services Credit Union

We love Co-Op Credit Union because they make a point to help educate our kids. They have a student run "branch" in my children's elementary school where kids can open an account and make weekly deposits. No deposit is too small! Teaching kids as young as Kindergarten how to save and help work on their basic math skills!! This is phenomenal in my opinion and it makes my kids feel important while they learn! Thank you Co-Op Credit Union! 

Roy in Michigan, Member of Genisys Credit Union

Were it not for my joining my credit union, I probably would still be living from paycheck to paycheck. With their help, I was able to get completely out of debt within 2 years and now enjoy the security of CDs invested so that someone else can be helped with my funds on deposit with my credit union. Thank you for turning my life around with the wise counseling. 

Leona in Michigan, Member of Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union

I have been with my credit union most of my married life. We built our home in 1968 in Shelby Township and I started driving a school bus for Utica in 1978. It was then Macomb Schools and Government C. U. and I joined. They got to know me and I always took my check in and cashed them and got to be friends with the girls behind the counter and never, ever, had a bad experience with them. I just love the 23 Mile branch. They are all warm and welcoming. Over the years there have been many new faces behind the counter and I love them all. I have never had a bad experience. I trust them with my money and don't deal with any banks. They are always there for me and all my needs. 

Jackie in Michigan, Member of Metro Shores Credit Union

I love my credit union because I feel at home when I go there.   Everyone there knows me and my family by name, and I've never had a bad experience. I got my very first bank account there as a teenager making my own car payments and I'm still with them as an adult. 

Jason in Michigan, Member of Detroit Edison Credit Union

I have been banking with Detroit Edison Credit Union for quite some time now. I enjoy banking with this credit onion because it has low fees, a convenient location and great customer service! I can't see myself banking with another! DECU - I love you!

Jamal in Michigan, Member of Michigan First Credit Union

I love my credit union because they treat you with the utmost respect. I'm not sure if they were trained that way or if Michigan First is just a friendly environment. Either way, I hope they keep up the good work. I have yet to go to them for anything more than making deposits and withdrawals, but I can honestly say that it's very rare when I see someone leave there with anything other than a smile or a face of content. I'm always run into the same 2 tellers and they are very good at what they do. They manage to put up a good conversation all while taking care of their customers as quick as possible. I also like the fact that you have full control over your hard earned money. Michigan First is THE credit union to sign up with.

Dana in Michigan, Member of Michigan Educational Credit Union

A few years ago my credit union of many years, merged with Michigan Educational Credit Union and I thought it was going to be a bad thing. I had my first car loan through my original credit union and my first credit card through them too and once, when I needed a personal loan, they helped me out. So, I was kind of weary about asking for a loan last year when we owed the IRS a lot of money and needed some help. I didn't know how helpful they would be. It turned out my husband and I just weren't numbers on a page. The loan officer was very friendly and easy to talk to and got us the help we needed. They have low interest rates and no extra fees that most banks charge. I like the feeling of being a person there. I also like the fact that they do not require a minimum for savings accounts, except five dollars. And, there is no minimum for a checking account. Many bank's offer incentives to sign up for accounts but I would never consider changing a thing about using a credit union.

Janice in Indiana, Member of 66 Federal Credit Union

I have been with my credit union for 30 years.  I have had loans, credit cards, etc.  I find their rates are better than banks and the tellers are so nice, and, because it's a credit union, they know you by name every time you come in.   Employees at my credit union even watched my two sons grow up, the head teller is still there.  She knows my sons names and now they are members.  I love my credit union and would never go anywhere for banking. 

Eboni in Michigan, Member of Navy Federal Credit Union

I love my credit union. I have been with Navy Federal Credit Union since I was 18 years old. I got my first car through them and just save thousands of dollars literally with an economical refinance loan they offered me. I have worked for a bank and of course been a customer of several banks, I have never found such an experience as with my credit union. They are always looking for new ways to save us members money, whether through their low interest rate 1.99 apr on auto loans or through their decent rated certificate accounts. I am truly proud to be a member of NFCU, especially in this economy. I don't know how we could make it with a bank, thank God for Navy Federal.  

Nichele in California, Member of Navy Federal Credit Union

I joined Navy Federal Credit Union after my second tour in the Navy.  I always heard good things about them, but had been banking with another business for years and was afraid to lose more than I would gain from switching.   I decided to give NFCU a test drive and opened a savings account, while keeping my original checking and savings accounts.  I was amazed at how quickly my NFCU savings caught up to and surpassed my original savings account. And the extra perks - OMG!!! Plus, although NFCU was a much larger entity than my bank at the time, I still felt that personal attention every visit.  I quickly signed up for a NFCU checking account because I wanted to tap into even more savings and perks.   I completely closed my accounts with the other business and have been with Navy Federal Credit Union ever since.   Thank you for the no-fee transactions, the higher-than-average interest rates, the personal attention and all the extra membership perks. I have received many invitations to join other banks. My answer is always NO WAY! I don't see me ever leaving my credit union - ever!

Monica in Illinois, Member of Consumer Credit Union

I have been a member of Consumers Credit Union since 2001 and ever since then I have received excellent service. I joined the credit union after closing my account with a bank and am so happy I did it. I moved out of state after joining the military and their online banking services made it easier for me to conduct business. I love their bill pay and their e-statements. I moved back home after serving 5 years in the military and continue to do banking with them. I now have a savings, checking, auto and visa loans at unbeatable rates. Plus, I get paid interest on my checking balance! I love being a member of a credit union

Tammy in Pennsylvania, Member of Patriot Federal Credit Union

If it wasn't for PFCU, our family would have been forced to make a sad decision and our world have been turned upside down.  Our sweet dog Roxie suffered a terrible knee injury resulting in her having to have a $3,000 surgery.  We tried everywhere to get the money we needed and all resources failed us.  My husband called me from work and said why don't you try calling the credit union.  I went online and submitted an application and within a half an hour this sweet lady named Pat Glass called me.  She said she reviewed our case and she knew in heart that she had to help us and she did, she approved our loan and now Roxie, who more then likely would have had to be put down, is able to have her surgery .  Pat thank you so much for saving our family so much grief and for saving Roxie's life, we are forever grateful. 

Carole in Missouri, Member of 1st Community Credit Union

I've been a member since early 1990 when I moved back to Missouri.  I found them through my youngest son and they gave me a car loan when no one else would.  Opened a savings and checking account and they have taken EXCELLENT care of me ever since.  I've gotten many friends to join, plus my oldest son, they take care of all of us and our needs.  I would NEVER go anywhere else. 

Holly in Texas, Member of Greater Texas Federal Credit Union

I am an employee and a member of an "over the top" credit union, Greater Texas Federal Credit Union.  We are dedicated to going out of our way to assist our members and potential members with new and more convenient services. At our branch in Cedar Park, Texas we have free cookies and coffee every morning just to show our appreciation to our members.  We feel as if we owe our members more than they know.  All of GTFUC's employees love coming to work knowing that we are extending a hand to someone in need.  We do not treat our members as a number.  They are all called by name.  We all have big hearts and much love and appreciation to spread around.  They say everything is bigger in Texas and that's the truth.  Although we are a small, growing financial institution, we are huge at heart and in mind.  We are always surveying new areas for the most beneficial towns to open a branch that is convenient for our members to visit and take care of their financial needs.  

Jennifer in Alaska, Member of Credit Union 1

I work for and am a member of the greatest credit union.  Credit Union 1 (in Alaska) is a forward thinking credit union that thinks of its members first.  How can they help members achieve their financial goals?  This isn't just about offering cool loan program and services to members, this means getting our hands dirty to really help our members.  Credit Union 1 is opening a new branch in a very challenging neighborhood.  To my knowledge, there hasn't been a financial institution in this neighborhood for twenty years.  Credit Union 1, mainly the CEO Leslie Ellis, stepped forward and realized there was not only a need to be in this community (with our members) but it was unthinkable that no other financial institution had done it.  I love my credit union because it makes me proud to be a part of something that will leave a positive mark on our communities.   

Brenda in Pennsylvania, Member of Navy Federal Credit Union

I have been an extremely satisfied customer of the Navy Federal Credit Union headquartered in Vienna, VA.  I joined in 1987 when I married a Lieutenant in the Marine Corps.  When he was killed in Iraq, I was treated with great respect and dignity by the staff at the credit union, to include receiving a hand written letter from the NFCU president.  I have always banked through the mail and via telephone and have had a uniquely positive experience with everything and everyone related to the credit union.  This is a standard every financial institution should try to achieve. 

Rasaq in Georgia, Member of Robins Federal Credit Union

When you talk of intelligence and good training, the staff of Robins Federal Credit Union are intelligent and well trained.  I came to this conclusion because of what happened one afternoon when I walked in.  When it got to be my turn at the teller station, I was called in the usual greeting of "May I help you?"  I walked straight to the called, but I was surprised when she called me by my name to greet me.  I paused for a moment and asked if she called my name, she said yes.  I was surprised because I am very new to the credit union.  I am very happy that they are able to recognize and identify me by name out of all of the customers coming in every day. 

Rita in Nebraska, Member of Centris Federal Credit Union

My son had just gotten married and needed quick cash.  He suggested we go to Bell Federal and apply for a loan, in my name and his.  I was quickly accepted, treated so wonderfully, that I decided that's the place I wanted to be.  Everyone was so very nice and caring and I truly felt right at home.  Being a homebody, that's very important to me, so I joined.  Everyone has treated me great every day.  I can call, and even if it's a silly question, someone will always respectfully answer me.  I love having access online and now have gotten into e-statements, which was hard for me to do at my age because I wasn't sure that I trusted the Internet.  Centris assured me it is 100% safe, so I plunged in and have enjoyed it immensely.  Thanks Centris for being such a great place to put my trust and money. 

Charles in Michigan, Member of Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union

I joined the credit union as soon as I started with my employer in about 1967 when it was a lady sitting at a banquet table in the basement.  Since then, including in my retirement, I have purchased 5 or 6 autos, 2 boats and an RV.  I tell my son as well as others "you need a credit union"! 

Melanie in Louisiana, Member of University of Louisiana Federal Credit Union

I have been working for my credit union for the past two years.  It has been quite an adjustment after working for a bank for six years.  The credit union staff care about their members, they answer the phone and give directions to places other than the credit union.  They talk about the latest football game and the crazy weather of south Louisiana.  I don't just work here, I live here and I have fallen in love with each and every one of the members, staff and volunteers.  The members, in turn, treat us like one of their family.  They bring in treats from their vacations and homemade goods during the holidays.  We listen to their problems and help them when they are going through good times and bad times. 

The staff of the credit union have lunch together and go to each others' kids birthday parties and attend the Ragin Cajun football games together.  The University of Louisiana Federal Credit Union is by far the best place I have ever banked and the best place I have ever worked. 

Berlinda in Oklahoma, Member of Muskogee Federal Credit Union

I love my credit union because it serves the community in a positive way and the employees show care and patience towards their members. 

Hieu in California, Member of SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union

Great customer service, easy car loan experience and extended coverage on car warranty was better priced and comprehensive than dealer extended warranty 

Lee in New York, Member of SEFCU

While raising my family in remote Plattsburgh, NY, Dannemora FCU was our lifeline.  I'm sure we had at least 4 car loans for them in over 27 years, and each year they helped us keep Holiday debt under control with their Holiday club, which accepted payroll deductions to that account and gave us a check in October to start our holiday shopping.  No I live in Albany, where I use SEFCU, primarily serving state employees.  SEFCU treats me like family!  They've provided financial council and guidance for me as I start a new life alone.  Credit unions are the unsung financial heroes in today's economy.  You won't find them tooting their horns.  You'll just find them building communities, providing financial education to every age group and providing a safe, secure place for average Americans to keep their hard-earned dollars.  Credit unions are the best keep financial secret.  EVERYONE can find a credit union to belong to and be a working part of. 

Lawanda in Michigan, Member of Oakland County Credit Union

I love my credit union.  If it wasn't for the credit union helping me get a loan and paying off my car while getting me the best interest rate I could think of, I do not know what I would have done.  I was about to lose my car and needed attention fast and the credit union saved me.  I have only been a member for a few months but already greatly appreciate the service this credit union provides. 

Muriel in Ohio, Member of Formica-Evendale Federal Credit Union

I have been with my credit union for over 10 years.  They have been wonderful!  They have always gone beyond the call of duty to help me.  They have given me direction with the do's and dont's with my credit in order to continue to keep my credit ratings positive.  When purchasing a vehicle, they advised me of my options in order to stay in a certain price range and when going through a personal crisis, they advised me on how to negotiate.  These are just a few of many examples of how the credit union has helped me.  I am always thanking them for their advice.  The credit union is a true blessing to me!  

Kathleen in Indiana, Member of Sarasota Florida Credit Union

I have been with my credit union for many years.  Working with them, together we have gotten my life together.  I am not a perfect member, I have gotten myself in money trouble from time to time.  The Loan Officer has guided me through the process of clearing my bad debt.  I have transferred my loan for my 2004 Dodge Ram and have saved quite a bit of money over the term of the loan.  I am almost finished paying off the six year note.  I bank with my Sarasota Florida Credit Union - proudly from Goshen, IN. via direct deposit 

Pat in Louisiana, Member of Baton Rogue City Parish Employees Federal Credit Union

I've been working at my credit union since 1986.  As a loan officer, I am able to help make dreams come true by helping people understand and and clean up their credit (something a bank doesn't have time to do).  I have made several life long friends.  I saw the information about saving on your Sprint bill and I made the call.  It was so easy, and now I am saving 10% on my bill.  Credit unions truly go out of their way to help their members.  If you do not belong to a credit union, you need to join one today. 

Nate in Georgia, Member of Georgia Florida United Methodist Federal Credit Union

I joined the Florida UMC Federal Credit Union during my first year of college.  I applied for my first credit card to establish my history.  Now 17 years later and a home owner, I still have my paycheck direct deposited to my "share draft" account.  Even though I am in Florida via the "Shared Services" branches and "CU24" I am able to deposit and withdraw funds in my home or when I travel.  Even after the merger, the customer shareholder services continued and even newly expanded offers became available.  Thanks again for helping me build my financial skills and help me reach my dreams of stress free retirement some day without high risk and ongoing educational tools. 

Cariaga in Maryland, Member of Navy Federal Credit Union

I have been a member of my credit union since the late seventies.  I closed all my accounts at my local bank because of their poor practice of dealing with me.  I transferred all my accounts to my credit union and dealing with them is a pleasure with no hassle.   Withdrawing cash from ATMs is so easy and all my purchases are debited to my account.  When I travel anywhere in the U.S., I'll find a credit union that is an affiliate to my credit union and withdraw some cash. 

Ruth in Michigan, Member of Michigan Catholic Credit Union

The lease on my vehicle was about to end and I decided to purchase it.  Being retired on a limited income and because of my high debt to income ratio, I was afraid I would not qualify for a loan ( I had let my husband use my credit cards after his bankruptcy; however, he passed away leaving too little insurance and a mountain of debt in my name).  Luckily for me and a good credit history, my credit union came to my rescue!  The loan officer worked very hard with the review board and me getting all the questions answered.  I was approved for a low 5% interest rate loan to purchase the car.  Thank you Michigan Catholic Credit Union! 

Jody in Michigan, Member of NuUnion Credit Union

I've been a member of NuUnion Credit Union since my first job after I graduated from college.  Over the years, it has served our family well.  In 2006 our family began an amazing journey to adopt a little girl from China.  What an awesome experience.  Yes it is expensive, so when our friends and family heard about our journey so many helped us raise money.  Our credit union never asked questions or gave us funny looks when we deposited so many different checks, some small, a few large or the deposit from garage sales (we know how those look!)  The best day was when I could go to the credit union and withdraw the cash we needed to travel to China for two weeks.  In 2008 we returned to China to adopt a 4 year old girl, and again NuUnion Credit Union was there for us every step of the way! 

Eleanor in Ohio, Member AP FCU

We did not purchase our GM vehicle through our Credit Union, BUT had we, we are sure that we would have had the very best of care through the entire process.  I can see it now... "Hi Terri, we're here to buy our new but used car and we have chosen our Credit Union for the financing." 

"Well Eleanor (they know us by first name, I love that part) I would be more than happy to assist you in getting that started."

With that, Terri closes her work station and personally escorts us to the coffee machine, where my coffee guzzling hubby gets a cup of coffee.  She then seats us and makes sure we are comfortable, especially me, because I didn't take any coffee, so she gets me a can of diet soda.  Then she goes into the loan officer's cubby hole and advises him we are waiting.  He waves, smiles and gives us a "one minute" finger, the pointer finder, because he has just gotten off the phone.  He talks to her briefly, she then spreads her wings and flies out to us and advises us it would be "just a few minutes while he finishes up the paperwork form his phone conversation."  Then that magnificent Credit Union employee wings her way back to her workstation to help the next Credit Union member.

Then out pops this real person from the loan officer's cubicle.  He smiles, shakes our hands and introduces himself, then asks us to step into his office.  Once in the office, he asks if Don needs a coffee refill and Don tells him he is OK for now.  Then in a flash of lighting, he has our account information on the computer screen and is telling us that "everything looks pretty darned good" and "what color vehicle do we want"  WE just looked astonished at how fast he obtained our Credit Union history (I am pretty sure Terri helped him along) and then our credit history.  Wow, faster than a speeding bullet! And I wonder...does he leap tall buildings with one bound?

Well, within a short 1/2 hour, we are walking out of our favorite, and getting more so every minute, Credit Union pre-approved to buy a pretty darn nice, used, late model vehicle of our choice.

Then my dream bubble burst and we are going through the drive thru at AP Federal Credit Union and, if she could, Don would have another cup of coffee brought out to him by the drive thru teller.

Now you see how I feel about our credit union and how deeply I regret not utilizing AP FCU for our 2005 TrailBlazer, because we sat in a car sales office for 3 hours, one hour after I told them I needed to go to the hospital because my heart was in a terrible abnormal heartbeat.  If our Terri had been there she would have taken me to the hospital herself, that's how the angels at our favorite federal credit union do their jobs.

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