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This Valentine’s Day, Give a Gift with a Financial Twist

  If you’re looking for a different type of Valentine’s Day gift, how about one with a financial twist? True, it’s not a dozen roses, but planning for a financially secure future speaks volumes about your commitment. Visit our Financial Planning channel for some financial gifts that you can give. You’ll also find tips to help you be careful when donating money by text message.

New Homebuyer Credit Form Released

  The Internal Revenue Service recently released the new form that eligible homebuyers need to claim the first-time homebuyer credit this tax season. Visit our House & Home channel for information about and a link to the form.

New Option for Tax Refund—Savings Bonds

  If you are receiving a federal tax refund from the Internal Revenue Service, you can choose to use that money to purchase U.S. savings bonds. Before you do, visit our Savings & Investments channel to read about the six things you should know if you plan to purchase savings bonds.

How to Handle Unwanted Calls

  Are you still getting bothersome phone calls? Visit our Consumer Resources channel for the steps to follow if you want to file a complaint regarding the “Do Not Call” Registry. You’ll also find information to help you save money on funeral arrangements and avoid charity scams.

Tax Tips by the Numbers

  Get ready for tax season with tips from the Internal Revenue Service. Visit our Tax Planning channel for ten tax topics for parents, eight ways to find tax help in Spanish, and three reasons to prepare and file your return electronically.