April 2015


Love My Credit Union Rewards Rebrand Wins 2015 CUNA Diamond Award

CU Solutions Group is pleased to announce it has received a 2015 Diamond Award from the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Marketing and Business Development Council. CU Solutions Group won the Category’s Best award for CU Association/League or CUSO Marketing for its Love My Credit Union Rewards rebrand.

“We are so proud of our Love My Credit Union Rewards program and are thrilled to receive recognition for all of the hard work our team put in to rebranding it,” states David Adams, CEO of CU Solutions Group. “The rebranded program and its new marketing materials genuinely capture what the credit union industry is all about – being a true financial partner with its members to help them live better lives.”

Business Members Can Get the New Samsung Galaxy S® 6 and Save More When They Switch to Sprint

After much anticipation, the new Samsung Galaxy S® 6 is being released this month. Your business members can get it at a great price when they switch to Sprint. When they switch, they can get both the Samsung Galaxy S® 6 and service for as low as $31.50 per month, per line – up to ten lines.*

  • Business members can get unlimited talk and text with 20GB shared data with the Sprint Business Share Plan.
  • Members can save on the Samsung Galaxy S® 6 by using Sprint Lease for 24 months – the discount is for well-qualified customers with new line activation and port-in.

When business members port 10 lines to Sprint they can save up to $5,121.60* compared to AT&T and Verizon over two years.

*Other pricing options available with different savings. Comparison is based on device leasing to installment purchase devices. Does not include optional Sprint device purchase at lease-end. Offer available 4/10/15 to 5/14/15.

Plus, when members switch, we pay them up to $350.

Business members can get paid to switch their business lines. Get up to $350/line service credit to pay off your contract or installment billing balance.

Requires device lease with Sprint Lease, qualifying data plan, and registration at sprint.com/bizbuyout.

Have Your Business Members Do the Math

Let them know it’s smarter for them to lease their phones with Sprint:

  • They can either buy 10 Samsung Galaxy S® 6 smartphones from Verizon and spend $12,957 over 2 years* 
  • They can lease them from Sprint Business and save more than $5,397 over the same period, compared to Verizon.**

*Visit LoveMyCreditUnionRewards.org/Sprint for offer details. **Other pricing options available with different savings. Does not include optional Sprint device purchase at lease-end. 

Device leasing from Sprint Business gives your business members the devices they want in a simple, flexible and incredibly affordable way. Your business members can:

  • Reduce their up-front device costs
  • Drive down the cost of their mobile network services
  • Turn big, fat lumps of capital into predictable operating expenses
  • And get the latest tech

Have them do the math. They’ll never buy a device again.

For additional information, please contact Joseph Smith at 1-800-297-5752, email joseph.2.smith@sprint.com or visit sprint.com/dothemath to take advantage of this limited time offer.


Sprint Can Help Your Business Members

Add Reliability to Avoid Downtime

In the credit union industry network downtime is unacceptable at any level. What happens if a construction accident, thunderstorm or other unforeseen disaster severs your primary connection line? Learn how Sprint can provide the solution to keep your credit union up and running when it matter most. 

3G/4G/LTE Networks for Credit Unions

Staying up and running 24/7 

What to do when even the smallest amount of downtime is too much. 

In the credit union industry, network downtime is unacceptable at any level. You might think you don’t have to worry about it with 99.95+% T1 connectivity. But if you’re not at 100%, you’re at risk for downtime. What happens if a construction accident, thunderstorm or other unforeseen disaster severs your T1 line? 

Challenge: No downtime. No way.

  • Non-stop availability – The credit union industry requires always-on network connectivity. Even if downtime is limited to .05%, or just a few hours a month, that’s little comfort if it happens right when a customer needs to conduct a transaction.
  • Productivity pressures – It’s not just connectivity with customers and others that’s at risk. If you follow the trend toward moving office applications to the cloud, what if your connection goes down? You could suffer significant productivity losses.
  • Cost of availability – You’re paying a premium for 99.95% reliability, but if a disaster takes your T1 line out altogether, what’s that connection cost really worth without some sort of reliable backup?

Solution: 3G/4G/LTE failover

For credit unions, Cradlepoint solutions pick up where T1 availability leaves off. In the event of an outage – whether it’s due to a disaster, or just as a consequence of <100% availability – we bridge the gap with 3G/4G/LTE failover. Our solutions automatically detect access issues with primary connections and provide 3G/4G/LTE network connectivity to avoid service interruptions. 

Benefits: All the Availability You Need

  • 3G/4G/LTE failover helps ensure the non-stop Internet access you need to conduct business efficiently and cost-effectively today.
  • T1 to the next level – Enterprises that can tolerate no downtime can use failover to stay up and running if a T1 line goes down.
  • Cost-effective backup plan – We offer highly reliable 3G/4G/LTE solutions that require only a one-time equipment cost and a relatively low monthly network provider fee.
  • Connected to the cloud – Enjoy the benefits of cloud computing with less worry about losing your connection just when you need it most.

In Action: Cost-effective Backup for a Top Carrier’s Customers

Cradlepoint and Sprint are working together to deliver secure, reliable backup solutions that credit unions can use as cost-effective alternatives to ISDN or DSL backup lines.

  • Automatic failover – If one of the carrier’s credit union customers experiences a network outage at a location, operations are automatically pushed over to the Cradlepoint-based backup solution.
  • Continuous operations – Failover takes place before operations are affected, ensuring uninterrupted service to customers. Essential systems including ATMs continue to operate even if a wired line is cut.

Learn more

For further information, please contact:
Jeff Muglia
Sprint National Account Manager, Credit Union Program 

TurboTax “$25K Giveaway” Sweepstakes Winners

What’s even better than a tax refund? How about winning $1,000 just for doing your taxes with TurboTax? That’s exactly what happened to four lucky credit union members this tax season. Four members won $1,000 each in the TurboTax $25K Giveaway Sweepstakes. The members were from DFCU (MI), San Mateo (CA), Northeast Credit Union (NH) and Altura Credit Union (CA).

The “$25K Giveaway” Sweepstakes was part of the TurboTax credit union member discount program offered by Love My Credit Union Rewards. Members were eligible to enter the sweepstakes when they began their tax return via the TurboTax link on their credit union’s website. The sweepstakes period ran from December 9, 2014 through February 26, 2015. All entrants were eligible for a chance to win one of eleven great prizes offered in the sweepstakes.

Don’t Miss out on Over $200 in Savings from DIRECTV! 

Love My Credit Union Rewards is offering members over $200 in savings on new DIRECTV service purchased through May 27th, 2015!

Don’t let your members miss out on this amazing offer, including:

  • Over $200 in savings for members on new activations
    • $10 off monthly service for the first 12 months (offer valid thru 5/27/15 on new service activations)
    • $140 gift card (courtesy of Love My Credit Union Rewards and DirectStarTV)
  • Plans starting at $19.99
  • Free HBO, Showtime, Starz and Cinemax for 3 months
  • A free HD DVR Genie Upgrade
  • 2015 NFL Ticket

Credit unions are eligible to earn a $10 marketing reimbursement for every new DIRECTV activation.

Visit the Partner Center at LoveMyCreditUnion.org/PartnerCenter for more details on the new DIRECTV discount for your members.


It’s a Good Time to Boost Auto Loan Volume with the Credit Union Member Discount from GM 

Despite record snowfalls across the country, auto sales continued to flourish in February with the adjusted sales pace at 16.23 million for the month. A continued rise in consumer confidence and consumer spending increasing at the fastest rate in nine years, and your credit union has found itself in the optimal conditions to boost its auto loan volume.

These conditions make it even more interesting given that one of the largest U.S. banks, Wells Fargo, is concentrating less on auto lending. This major San Francisco bank credits competition in the auto finance market as the reason for its declining auto loan volume.

So, what does this mean for your credit union? Now is the perfect time to take advantage of these beneficial conditions to grow your auto loan volume. Since credit unions are more willing to lend to first-time buyers, a younger demographic and those needing near-prime financing, there are going to be many more opportunities to fill in the lending gaps and pick up market share.

Also, as a credit union, you have exclusive access to the Credit Union Member Discount from GM and its instant loan leads. The GM program gives your members exclusive pricing on most new Chevrolet, Buick and GMC vehicles, as well as real-time auto loan leads each time a member requests a GM Authorization Number. Real-time auto loan leads give you opportunities to reach out to your members to secure financing at your credit union.

Click here to learn more about the Credit Union Member Discount from GM. 

Credit Union Auto Club Will Offer Even More


Close to 800 credit unions are already finding significant success bringing Credit Union Auto Club to its members for less than $1 per week*. This stellar roadside assistance program is getting even better!

Your members will soon be able to have the optional benefit of extended towing of 50 and 100 miles. These new enhancements enable your credit union to differentiate Credit Union Auto Club from other roadside assistance programs to your members.

Click here to learn more about Credit Union Auto Club or to enroll today.

*based on individual plan price of $47


FREE Samsung Galaxy S® 6’s for your family when you sign up for the Sprint Family Share Plus  

It’s the first FREE phone lease in the wireless industry.

With Sprint Family Share Plus, your family gets:

  • Up to 4 Galaxy S® 6(32GB) smartphones free after lease credit with 24mo. lease($20 per phone/$80 total per mo.)
  • Unlimited talk, text and 20 GB of data to share while on the Sprint network.
  • Free International Value Roaming add-on.

Available for well qualified customers with new line activation or eligible upgrade Lease credit requires Family Share Plus service plan. Roaming lease payments apply in full if customer cancels service. Prior to the end of 24 mo. Other monthly charges may apply. Offer available 4/10/15 to 5/14/15.

Plus, Sprint will pay whatever it costs you to switch

Sprint will pay off your contract and whatever you owe on your phone via American Express® Reward Card. Just switch to Sprint and turn in your current phone. Requires registration at sprint.com/joinsprint.

The LG G Pad™ F7.0 is free for current customers with an active smartphone in good standing. Available in stores only while supplies last. Req. qualifying table plan and new 2-yr agmt/activation. Offer ends 5/14/15.

Don’t forget that the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount helps your members save! They can get a 10% discount on select regularly priced Sprint monthly data service. Plus, activation and upgrade fees are waived ($36 in savings).

You and your members can learn about other special Sprint offers and the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount at LoveMyCreditUnion.org/Sprint.

Sprint Terms and Conditions


Credit Union Spotlight: Associated Credit Union

If your credit union already participates in the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount, then you already know how nice it can be to receive your marketing reimbursement check each year. Over the years we’ve discovered that many credit unions put this check to good use. Associated Credit Union is one of those credit unions.

This Georgia-based credit union has put its reimbursement check toward its Associated Credit Union Foundation for several years in order to help fund it and support its charity partners. The 501(c)3 organization began in 2009 and has already made a big impact.

“We do a lot to raise money internally for our foundation partners,” explains Claire Claderbank, Public Relations and Foundation Coordinator for Associated Credit Union. “Our executives decided that they could do the most good with our Sprint check by giving it to the foundation and our partners. That way, we could boost what we’re able to give them every year. The check means a lot to everyone involved.”

The Associated Credit Union Foundation partners and helps support an impressive eight charities:

  • Norcross Cooperative Ministry
  • Quinn House
  • United Military Care
  • Wilderness Works
  • Child Enrichment
  • Susan G. Komen
  • Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
  • National Center for Civil and Human Rights

Now that Associated Credit Union sees what good it can do with its yearly Sprint check, Claire says there’s no turning back and that other credit unions should be inspired.

“I think what credit unions stand for, we owe it to give back to our communities. It’s an easy way to provide funds to help groups in your area to help them continue the good work they’re doing.” She continues, “Credit unions are great to work for and be a member of – it means a lot to our staff to be able to give back. It boosts their morale and enhances our overall culture.”

Want your credit union to be featured in our CU Spotlight article? Share your Love My Credit Union Rewards success story with us today!


Second Quarter Marketing Audit Underway 

The second quarter marketing audit is currently being conducted to ensure participating credit unions are fulfilling their marketing requirements. All quarterly audit results are available to review in the Partner Center.

To access your credit union's marketing audit reports, please visit www.LoveMyCreditUnion.Org/PartnerCenter and log into myDashboard.

If your credit union is missing any marketing requirement, please complete the requirement listed in your audit report and notify Client Support at ClientSupport@cusolutionsgroup.com or by phone at 866-348-2887. Please be sure to forward any documentation for quarterly member communication tactics executed and the number of members reached.

Thank you for participating in the Love My Credit Union Rewards Program. 


© 2015 CU Solutions Group
Total: 3,390
Sprint: 1,970
Auto: 2,792
TurboTax: 1,451 
Total: 4,181,274
Sprint Activations: 1,505,342
Auto Sales: 825,928
TurboTax Returns: 1,959,154 
Total: More than $1.2 billion
Sprint: More than $523 million
Auto: More than $750 million
TurboTax: Over $10 million

Credit Union Auto Loans Closed* 
More than 398,000 
Loan Value* More than $9.5 billion

*Numbers are estimates based on survey results



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